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Social Stuff


Chat with me on Matrix.(External)


Shoot me an email(Mailto)


Wet-Dry World

My current Mastodon instance. Run by esm. View profile.(Fediverse)

My previous Mastodon account. View profile.(Fediverse)


Account name


Previously Orangestar#1432

I'm usually wary of random friend requests. Fair warning.

The r/Undertale Discord server

I own this server, and I'm on it frequently. Click to join.(External)

Orangestar's Emote Server and Hangout

A generic server I created, originally for emotes. This server is generally unused and usually people only join it to try to convince me to unban them from the aforementioned R/Undertale server, or because they're instigating in a parasocial relationship with me as a result of owning the aforementioned server.

Don't let this deter you if you want to use this to contact me directly without going through E-Mail or praying I accept a random FR.

Click to join.(External)


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